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Manon Verjus – FOUNDER

As a very ambitious person, I started working young and always wanted to do more than I knew how to do, which quickly led me to want to start my own business.
Manon Verjus - Yatal
Manon Verjus - Founder of Yatal International

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Our Mission

We offer a versatile tool for entrepreneurs, composed of a multidisciplinary, dynamic and agile team in order to adapt quickly and fill the gaps of each company. We act through subcontracting tasks or by directly integrating our client's team to support where the need is. During the year the needs of the company change and we also adapt our services. Through a subscription, all tasks are included and we alternate as needed. When needs seem to be beyond our competence, we advise them and find them partners experienced in what they are looking for who can advise them best.

Our Vision

Yatal’s vision is to become the indispensable tool for entrepreneurs in French-speaking Switzerland. We want to intensify our partnerships with the academic world, such as universities, in order to become a reference in quality training for young graduates. In addition, in order to develop our clients internationally in the most complete and efficient way, we will intensify our exchanges with European countries as a first step, and with the United States and key African countries as a second step, in order to quickly set up our clients’ subsidiaries. Later, we plan to extend our services to countries bordering Switzerland, in particular France.

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Manon Verjus - Founder of Yatal International

More about our founder

After several years as an assistant secretary and then as an accountant, I launched into entrepreneurship at the age of 19 by developing a small school support business at the local level in partnership with a child protection association. Two years later, I decided to close it to join the ATCA Sàrl fiduciary in Lausanne. Barely 3 months after my arrival, I joined the director and one of his partners to create Partners Beyond Sàrl, a development company for foreign companies in Switzerland. The goal was to open the borders to foreign groups by creating their turnkey Swiss subsidiary with their activity started: first turnover generated, creation of their team, the first customers, contracts, and their business plan on the way. Through Partners Beyond Sàrl, I became the Swiss manager of our main client: the Polish group WeSub. For 2 years, I hired many people and led teams of several employees, I created and presented financial plans on a national scale. During the restructuring of the company in SA, I decided to leave the adventure to create Yatal International Sàrl: a tool for entrepreneurs. My greatest quality being versatility, Yatal wants to be a company 100% in my image: agile, dynamic, and versatile to provide support and fill the gaps encountered by start-ups and young SMEs. At the same time, I joined the committee of the Startup Academy La Cote association to support entrepreneurs from their very beginnings.
Always driven by teaching and learning, I give courses in several professionalizing institutes.

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