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Yatal International was founded to support young businesses. It is a versatile tool for entrepreneurs. Yatal is like its founder: a hybrid company - agile, dynamic, and versatile.

We offer a versatile tool for entrepreneurs

During the year the needs of the company change and we also adapt our services. When needs seem to require specific experts, we advise them and find them partners experienced in what they are looking for who can advise them best.

Develop your business

We develop our clients' subsidiaries in different countries. To do this, we set up different services that complement each other perfectly to offer the most comprehensive service to the tomorrow's companies:


Our team includes lots of different profils and skills to develop innovative companies. We support entrepreneurs in various tasks: administrative, accounting, marketing, strategy, management, market research, data analysis and legal support.

Business Development

We support all stages of your company's expansion, from legal, to the evolution of structure and strategy, recruitments and the acquisition of customers abroad.


Looking for investors for your project? In collaboration with many institutes, we have a large network of investors ranging from a few thousand to several million francs. We study your profile to find you an investor of choice.

Nos partenaires

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